Privacy Policy of PassPrism

Regarding data collection:

  • You only share your full name and active email with PassPrism. No additional data is ever collected from you.
  • The above collected data is neved shared with any third parties.
  • During whole usage cycle of PassPrism, NO sensitive user data is ever collected.
  • PassPrism never collects any data from you for showing ads.

Regarding passwords management:

  • All the passwords and related data you save in your PassPrism vault are stored using encryption.
  • All your above mentioned data remains encrypted in cloud database so that Nobody, not even PassPrism, can read your data except you only.
  • Your data is NEVER shared with any third parties.
  • Only you are able to read/update/manipulate your saved data.


  • Only you are in full control of your data.
  • PassPrism never uses your data for its business purposes.
  • All your provided data, saved passwords, related notes are highly secure in PassPrism's cloud database without any interference of others.